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SFS Consulting

SFS Consulting is a management consulting firm focused on global OneStream implementations and finance transformation, primarily serving the office of the CFO. We have successfully implemented many OneStream Software projects across the globe, spanning North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

With a core staff of experienced professionals, a friendly client-centric approach based on knowledge transfer, and a 100% success rate, SFS Consulting is excited to continue to expand our distinctive services globally.

We are organized on a knowledge model, not a leverage model. Therefore, we have no junior staff. All consultants with SFS Consulting have at least 15 years consulting experience. We work within small teams of experienced consultants who have complementary business, technology, and infrastructure skills. We work side by side with our client colleagues to ensure proper knowledge transfer and project success.

From our Big 4 background, we provide the element of strategic consulting and organization during our projects that is sometimes lost when using a strictly technical firm. However, in contrast to a more strategic firm, we implement the software ourselves from design to roll-out.

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SFS Office, Tallinn, Estonia

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While we are proud partners with software vendors, we purposely do not have revenue sharing relationships with them; nor do we develop, sell or resell software or hardware products. Therefore, we can be completely objective in our analyses and recommendations.

We do not offshore any work. All project work is completed by local resources. Due to our superior reputation for quality workmanship and solving complex business issues, a portion of our business is dedicated to turning around troubled projects where other consulting companies have failed.

We also cannot stress enough the importance of knowledge transfer to the client team. We work side by side with our client colleagues to ensure that they learn everything that goes into the system. Our goal is to always empower our clients to become confident and independent in system maintenance.


We are a corporation that was formed in 2003 by a group of Big 4 consultants who wanted to serve clients using a unique consulting model.

In the early 2000s, we recognized the opportunity to enter the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) space. The large consulting companies shied away from this space due to the mid-market nature of the projects.

We started SFS in 2003 and focused on implementing the Oracle/Hyperion CPM suite of products to mid-market companies. Our business grew based on word-of-mouth recommendations and continues to grow due to the superior service we offer.
We realized when we started the company in 2003 that this opportunity had a 10 year life cycle before the market would be saturated with other consultancies. We are very forward-looking in our strategy; we knew that we had to look for the next great software product in which to invest our efforts.

In 2012, we began exploring the next generation of CPM products and determined that OneStream Software would be the next premier product in the marketplace. After investing time and effort, we are now in the position to take advantage of the marketplace and serve the abundance of customers buying the OneStream product across the globe.

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We have implemented OneStream across the globe

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