OneStream Consolidation and Reporting

Long-term partnerships.

We serve multi-national companies across multiple industries. The testimony to our success lies in the long-term partnerships we forge with our clients.

We continue to provide post go-live support and act as strategic advisors to many of our clients. We have implemented multiple Oracle/Hyperion and OneStream products at the same clients as their needs have arisen over the years.

It has been an exciting time as we help many of our clients transition to the OneStream consolidation and reporting platform. We are proud to say that most of our clients come to us based on word-of-mouth recommendations.

Success stories

“SFS Consulting is the only consulting firm I use to handle support or implementation of consolidation tools.  They think out of the box and come up with creative solutions to the most complicated challenges I can throw at them.  Their support is superior.  I recommend them highly for all implementation and support needs.”

“We selected SFS Consulting due to past experience we had working with them on our Hyperion products.  With OneStream it was important for us to have a partner that would guide us down the correct path with respect to application design and use.  SFS has partnered with us and continues to support us in addressing questions that come up, but routinely the question have already been addressed in our design.
This is a testament of the work done by them.  We have flexibility built into our application to handle constant change to our organization structure and addition of new acquisitions. To date we have seamlessly incorporated four acquisitions into OneStream with minimal rework.  We could not have been able to keep up without the support and guidance from SFS.”

“Consultants at SFS know how to talk to all levels of a company to get to the pertinent information needed to create an application, from upper management to data entry level. They are able to transfer knowledge to allow the company to feel they are truly a part of the development process. SFS will foster confidence in the administrator and users to feel fully capable of handling this new application environment when it goes live. They are there from the beginning to the end of the project. I would not hesitate to go into another project with SFS, no matter what the circumstances, because they truly are invested in creating an application that will match the vision of the project when it was conceived, and it will ultimately improve your finance department.”